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Add ID and Name to Outlook Calendar & Task Integration Map

There is a lack of integration when a user has an Outlook account integrated with their Millennium tasks. When task information is sent to the user's Outlook Calendar or Task list, the acttype, actcomm, and dates are sent. However, their is no integration that sends the donor's ID and name. In order for the ID and Name to be sent to Outlook the user must copy that information from the donor record into the acttype or actcomm field in each task, which creates redundancy in Millennium and adds an extra step for the user. For example, If a gift officer enters reminders to make phone calls to 5 different donors, then all he will see is 5 phone call reminders in Outlook with no name or ID which makes it useless as an Outlook reminder when you have no idea who to call.  A simple upgrade would be to add the ID and Name to the integration map for Outlook and Millennium Task integration.

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  • Jan 23 2018
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