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A pledge can be journaled ONLY when ALL transactions linked to it have been voided

By definition (in Help files and the real world) a Pledge Payment Transaction is a payment against a pledge. Note Standard Pledge reports expect a payment to be linked to a pledge.

Millennium should only allow a pledge to be journaled once only voided transactions are linked to it.

  • If you try to post a payment on a voided pledge (code ‘pv’) the options to Post Pledge Payment, Write- off Pledge Balance, etc are greyed out and cannot be used. This is correct behavior.
  • On the other hand you CAN journal a pledge when there are attached transactions (payments, match payments, credit). This is incorrect behavior. For reporting purposes alone these payments are “orphaned” -- they are no longer attached to a pledge.

Note : If you try to journal a Sustainer pledge (payments attached or not) when you insert you get an error “The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "fk_gifttype". The conflict occurred in database "milldata", table "dbo.gift_types", column 'table_code'. Error Code 547” THIS IS FINE do not change it; sustainers can be inactivated rather than journaled.

File attached with screen shots and query to find these voided pledges.

  • Trudy Miller
  • Aug 21 2017