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Way to change source all tables at the same time instead of changing source on each table

It would save time to be able to change the source code within a defined display on the basic (coreconst) display and have it change the source on all tables. I have my defined display with Basic, Name, Address, Internet address, Employment, Education, Relations and Attribute. Now I have to change each table to whatever source I need, for instance when doing Donations or concierge cards or updates from Engagement managers. I receive each of these requests through out the day. I have to change each table before I input or remember to do it while typing. That takes time. If I could change the source in the Basic screen (or where ever the programmers feel it would work best) and have it flow to all the tables on my defined display it would save me lots of time. The other option is to save all my work, put them in piles and do all the donations at one time, then the returned mail, then concierge cards. I do not have the luxury of saving my work to make piles for later.  Please and Thank you

Gina Anderson

Western Michigan Univesity

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  • Apr 19 2017
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