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Fix ecommerce_pending table fields - smaller than their destinations!

Advanced Data Examiner fails to upload records where two categories of items exist:
* gifts where the donor has a phone number > 15 characters
* gifts where the gift designation name > 65 characters

These two scenarios have the same root cause: The field size in ecommerce_pending is smaller than the field size in their respective destination fields.

addrphone: char(30) but ecomhphone: char(15)
phnnumber: char(70) but ecomhphone: char(15)
giftacctnm: char(80) but ecomacctnm: char(65)

v.2014 and v.2016 report the same field sizes.

Please fix the ecommerce_pending table so that ecomhphone is a char(70) and ecomacctnm is a char(80). Thank you.

  • Lisa Johnson
  • Apr 17 2017
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